Trauma Management Training

Trauma Management

To add on to what has already been taught in Candidate Term and ROTC, the new members from the 120th pledge class have been going through more advanced trauma management training this summer.

Candidate Term and ROTC do a pretty good job at teaching the basics of first aid, so we take what the member already knows and try to really advance their abilities and knowledge with some intensive training methods.

B-12 alumnni have been very helpful in this regard, because they usually know the latest techniques. During our most recent session we were joined by a former B-12 commander (from the 113th) who had just returned from a combat deployment to Afghanistan. Since he had acted as both a combat leader and a battle captain, he was able to give us the on-scene perspective as well as some insight into how medical and evacuation resources are managed and directed from on high.

Yesterday, Kuegler spent several hours going through this more thorough medical training.