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Although Member Training never really ends, this weekend was our last formal portion of the curriculum before the school year starts up. Here are a few pictures:


It has been a busy, but enjoyable, spring and summer for us. In addition to working summer jobs and preparing for LDAC and other military schools, our senior members have spent a good deal of time conducting B-12 Member Training with the new members who recently completed Candidate Term. Once the senior members are all off at LDAC, our local alumni will work with our other assets to ensure that the rest of the curriculum is completed before the coming school year.

Member Training consists of a number of training modules designed to ensure that each new member can function as B-12 cadre during the next Candidate Term. Below are some pictures of some of the training we have conducted so far:


Many B-12 events are navigation-intensive, so a good portion of our training focuses on advanced techniques for accomplishing navigation without the usual tools. Earlier today, Hannah Kuegler got a chance to try out some methods of navigating that are not even taught in ROTC.

Running the L/E Course for MIT’s C-12


As Alix Powers has learned, sometimes being a B-12 member means you get thrown into the fire.