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Summer 2016 Activities


We’ve had a lot of fun and done a lot of work over the summer, preparing for the upcoming year and the next Candidate Term. Some pictures are below.


Although Member Training never really ends, this weekend was our last formal portion of the curriculum before the school year starts up. Here are a few pictures:


Now that our Senior members are off at LDAC and CTLT, our alumni and other local assets have stepped in to ensure that the remainder of Member Training is completed before the end of the Summer. Below are pictures from a recent training session:

Trauma Management Training

Trauma Management

To add on to what has already been taught in Candidate Term and ROTC, the new members from the 120th pledge class have been going through more advanced trauma management training this summer.

Candidate Term and ROTC do a pretty good job at teaching the basics of first aid, so we take what the member already knows and try to really advance their abilities and knowledge with some intensive training methods.