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Congratulations 2LT Kuegler!


We’re proud to announce that, after graduating from Boston Unversity with a degree in Athletic Training, our most recent alumnus P/R CPT (Ret.) Hannah Kuegler received her commission as a Field Artillery officer in the US Army on Monday May 16, 2016. She was commissioned by P/R CPT (Ret.) and now 2LT Tyler Wojtasinski, who was himself commissioned last Spring.

After completing her candidacy during the 120th Candidate Term, 2LT Kuegler variously served as Team Leader, Operations Officer, Executive Officer, and First Sergeant, before becoming our Company Commander. Over her more than three years in the company, she also served as Officer-in-Charge of numerous operations and as an instructor and mentor during many B-12 member training sessions and Candidate Term classes.

As an ROTC cadet, 2LT Kuegler deployed in the summer of 2014 to Senegal as part of the Army’s Cultural Understanding & Language Proficiency (CULP) program, before serving as the Charles River Battalion’s Alpha Company Commander and Assistant Supply Officer during her MSIV year.

After a well-deserved summer off, 2LT Kuegler will report to Fort Sill this Fall for FA BOLC, before moving to her permanent duty station.

Congratulations to P/R CPT (Ret.) Alixandra Powers!

We’d like to express our congratulations to P/R CPT (Ret.) Alixandra Powers of the 120th Pledge Class, who commissioned today as a 2LT in the US Army. She will next attend the Basic Officer Leaders Course for the Medical Service Corps, before moving on to flight school for training as a MEDEVAC pilot.


We want to take a minute to recognize some of our members for their accomplishments this summer.

While the rest of us were working on Member Training with our local alumni and assets, our three senior members spent much of the summer at LDAC and various other Army training schools. Although we certainly expected them to succeed, we had no idea just how impressive their performances would actually be.


OSL Terrain Walk

Operation STEADFAST LIGHTNING (OSL) is the most complicated training operation B-12 runs. As such, every year each new group of members goes on a trip to the AO for the purposes of familiarizing themselves with the layout of the area and the general sequence of events.

Running the L/E Course for MIT’s C-12


As Alix Powers has learned, sometimes being a B-12 member means you get thrown into the fire.

Congratulations to the 120th!

120th Pledge Class

We’re thrilled to welcome the two members of the 120th pledge class into B-12.