It has been a busy, but enjoyable, spring and summer for us. In addition to working summer jobs and preparing for LDAC and other military schools, our senior members have spent a good deal of time conducting B-12 Member Training with the new members who recently completed Candidate Term. Once the senior members are all off at LDAC, our local alumni will work with our other assets to ensure that the rest of the curriculum is completed before the coming school year.

Member Training consists of a number of training modules designed to ensure that each new member can function as B-12 cadre during the next Candidate Term. Below are some pictures of some of the training we have conducted so far:


During a familiarization exercise and terrain walk for Operation STEADFAST LIGHTNING, a new member is briefed on the intricacies of planning and running the operation by the member who was in charge of it during the most recent Candidate Term. Summer 2014.

Radio Communications Training

B-12 uses radio communications for accountability, safety, and operational coordination during most of its training operations, so members have to learn how to set up supporting radio stations and networks. Here, two members practice rigging an antenna for subsequent elevation, before bringing a makeshift Tactical Operations Center (TOC) online. Summer 2014.

Land Navigation

A member is shown an antique military vehicle during a break in a MOUT training exercise conducted by a local B-12 asset. Summer 2014.

Operational Training

Members hitch a ride. Summer 2014.

Rope Work Training

A new member learns the principles and practices of setting secure climbing and rappelling anchors. Summer 2014.


“This is way more fun than Candidate Term.” Summer 2014.

Advanced Land Navigation

Sometimes “advanced” training means learning to do without. Here, a new member accurately plots points and determines an azimuth without using a protractor. Summer 2014.

Advanced Land Navigation

No compass allowed. During Advanced Land Navigation training, members learn how to successfully navigate long distances using only a map. Summer 2014.

Rock Climbing

A senior member attempts to overcome a roof during one of the more fun parts of Member Training. Summer 2014.

Rock Climbing

An alumnus negotiates an awkward ledge. Summer 2014.