Rope Work at the Quarries

119th Rope Work

The Quincy Quarries don’t offer the highest cliffs or trickiest climbs in the world, but they are a pretty awesome place to go rappelling and rock climbing without traveling too far from Boston.

They’re also the perfect place to learn high angle rope rigging in a relatively safe and controlled environment.

Wojo and Lin recently underwent their first intensive rope work training session, which consisted of familiarization with all the equipment, drilling on the important knots,  and instruction in the principles of rigging top rope climbing and rappel stations. After the formal period of instruction, both members had the opportunity to roam the area and rig a station on a route of their choosing.

Over the course of the day the 119th went a long way towards developing the skills necessary to maintain B-12’s rock climbing and rappelling capability, which is both fun and useful as well as being an old company tradition.