B-12 Pershing Rifles at Boston University is not for everyone – but it could be. Our organization is predicated on the belief that everyone has the capability to accomplish whatever they desire, as long as they are willing to sacrifice for it.

During Candidate Term, that sacrifice takes the form of giving up much of your free time and committing to the schedule and training methods of B-12. Some of our methods may be confusing at times, but each is carefully chosen to develop or assess a specific ability in each candidate.

In the military this is a very special and controversial word, with both good and bad connotations. At its best the word conveys supreme achievement; at its worst, elitism. It is true that Candidate Term is a selection course, but, unlike other organizations, we don’t discard people on a whim. In fact, Candidate Term is not about us selecting you at all – it is about you selecting us. Candidate Term is about you deciding to become a member of B-12 by committing to the training program, accepting the sacrifices that go along with that commitment, and then living up to the standards and requirements of an organization that is serious about training and the development of leadership and other abilities in future officers.

Candidate Term is hard. Almost every single member will tell you that it is by far the hardest thing they have ever done. Many alumni even return from the military years later with the same opinion. It is hard because it is intended to deeply test your resolve, to reveal how you really perform under pressure, and to give you the opportunity to earn the respect and trust of those who will be relying upon you as a fellow cadre member during future B-12 operations. If you persevere, and are still standing at the end, there will be absolutely no doubt that you have what it takes.

Those who have made it through Candidate Term know that the results are worth the sacrifice a hundred times over, particularly if you’re considering a career in the military. One former B-12 commander put it best when he said the following:

“At the end of Candidate Term, in addition to having earned the incredibly rare opportunity to be part of a team of completely dedicated individuals, you will know definitively who you are and what you can do. Give us two months of your free time, and we will give you unparalleled self-awareness, confidence, and capability for the rest of your life.”

This is our challenge to you.