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Candidate Term

In order to become Pershing Riflemen at Boston University, each candidate must complete Candidate Term, which lasts roughly two months. During this time candidates will be trained and evaluated on... Read More »

Land Navigation & Endurance Course

The ability to know where you are and to get to where you need to be is elemental to any undertaking, civilian or military. In order to ensure this capability in B-12 members, the company runs an event during each Candidate Term called the Land Navigation & Endurance Course... Read More »


The culmination of all the training and experience received in Candidate Term is a weekend-long Field Training Exercise called Operation STEADFAST LIGHTNING... Read More »


B-12′s training philosophy is to reinforce ROTC-taught skills, to teach some new skills, and then to provide an operational environment within which to integrate and apply these skills. To achieve this, B-12 has developed some unconventional training modules, specifically designed to pick up where ROTC leaves off... Read More »

Rope Work

Future military officers know that they may someday need to use ropes and rigging systems in order to safely and efficiently move personnel, equipment, or casualties on the battlefield... Read More »

Alumni Testimonials

Joining an organization like B-12 is not a task to be undertaken lightly. Simply put, Candidate Term is hard. It is also extremely rewarding... Read More »


As serious as we are about what we do, we still like to have fun... Read More »

Medical Training

Unfortunately, medical emergencies are a part of life, particularly in the military... Read More »

Operational Planning & Leadership

Part of the benefit of being a B-12 Pershing Rifles member is the opportunity to experience working on the company’s staff, and then to plan and lead operations... Read More »


Memorial Day Alumni Reunion

Over Memorial Day weekend, we had the privilege of hosting another B-12 Pershing Rifles alumni reunion in Boston. Alumni traveled from as far away as Hawaii to attend the reunion, reconnect with old comrades, and hear how the company is running these days. Likewise, we were thrilled to see such a great representation of alumni from the various eras of B-12, and to hear some of their stories about what the company was like in the past.

Some pictures from the reunion are now up on this page. If you would like to send in more pictures, please email them to b12prs @ gmail (dot) com so we can post them.

Although we had a good turnout, we would love to attract even more alumni when we hold the next reunion. Unfortunately, our contact information list is still missing the email addresses of many alumni. If you are an alumnus but did not receive the email invitations, please fill out the updated Alumni Registration Form to ensure that you will receive future communications. You can also update your information if any of it has changed.

Congratulations to P/R CPTs (Ret.) Brenda Lin & Tyler Wojtasinski!

Congratulations to P/R CPTs (Ret.) Brenda Lin and Tyler Wojtasinski of the 119th Pledge Class, who both commissioned today as 2LTs in the US Army. 2LT Lin will serve as a Military Intelligence officer and 2LT Wojtasinski will serve as an Infantry officer. Both were commissioned as Distinguished Military Graduates, an honor which only the top 20% of cadets nationwide are awarded.

Congratulations to P/R CPT (Ret.) Alixandra Powers!

We’d like to express our congratulations to P/R CPT (Ret.) Alixandra Powers of the 120th Pledge Class, who commissioned today as a 2LT in the US Army. She will next attend the Basic Officer Leaders Course for the Medical Service Corps, before moving on to flight school for training as a MEDEVAC pilot.

Congratulations to the 123rd!

We are proud to welcome Seth Bakes, Joe Bruno-Metzger, and Aleksandra Pirog as the newest members of our company. All three have proven themselves during Candidate Term and are ready to take on the responsibility of performing as B-12 cadre and training the next group of candidates.

Pershing Rifles Backpacking Trip

During the fall, several members took the opportunity to do an overnight backpacking trip in the back woods of New Hampshire.


We want to take a minute to recognize some of our members for their accomplishments this summer.

While the rest of us were working on Member Training with our local alumni and assets, our three senior members spent much of the summer at LDAC and various other Army training schools. Although we certainly expected them to succeed, we had no idea just how impressive their performances would actually be.