OSL Terrain Walk

Operation STEADFAST LIGHTNING (OSL) is the most complicated training operation B-12 runs. As such, every year each new group of members goes on a trip to the AO for the purposes of familiarizing themselves with the layout of the area and the general sequence of events.

Giving B-12 members experience in planning and logistics was the original impetus for the development of OSL.  From the candidate’s point of view, the operation seems like an intense, fast-moving experience, but, for every action the candidates take, the members running the event as cadre have to take half a dozen or more actions in order to make sure that everything goes smoothly. It is during the terrain walk that this really becomes apparent to new members.

On Wednesday, the new members from the 120th pledge class joined up with B-12 alumni and training staff to get their first look at OSL from behind the scenes, having last seen it from the narrower perspective of candidates who were consumed with desperately trying to remain on schedule and accomplish their mission in the face of numerous difficulties.

In addition to doing the terrain walk, the 120th also established a new elevated radio system for the TOC and did a radio survey to confirm communication capability throughout the AO. Rumors that monkeys were involved in this undertaking have been proven false.

After the OSL terrain walk we made sure to take some time to conduct our annual “Maritime Operational Training,” also known as swimming, boating, and tubing.