Although Member Training never really ends, this weekend was our last formal portion of the curriculum before the school year starts up. Here are a few pictures:

Land Navigation

A new member plots his land navigation points during Member Training. Summer 2014.

Land Navigation

Checking out the compass. Summer 2014.

Night Land Navigation

No compass allowed, even at night. Members learn how to navigate at night by using only terrain association. Summer 2014.

Night Land Navigation

A trainer verifies a plotted point. Summer 2014.

Night LandNav

Members before entering the woods for training. Summer 2014.


A new member works through a landnav theory problem. Summer 2014.

Radio Communications

New members learn how to set up radio stations and networks for communication during operations. Summer 2014.

Rope Work

New members refresh their knowledge of knots during Rope Work training. Summer 2014.

Medical Training

A tourniquet is applied to a casualty. Summer 2014.

Medical Training

Ventilations are provided to a trauma patient. Summer 2014.