We want to take a minute to recognize some of our members for their accomplishments this summer.

While the rest of us were working on Member Training with our local alumni and assets, our three senior members spent much of the summer at LDAC and various other Army training schools. Although we certainly expected them to succeed, we had no idea just how impressive their performances would actually be.

Earlier in the summer our Personnel NCO, Brenda Lin, was afforded the opportunity to attend Air Assault School, which she passed with her usual understated aplomb. She then went to LDAC, where she earned an overall “E” and was ranked 2nd in her platoon. She is currently at CTLT with an EOD unit, which she reports is “the bomb.”

Not to be outdone, our 1SG, Tyler Wojtasinski, reported to LDAC in a later regiment and promptly secured his own overall “E.” Although he was also unable to beat out everyone in his platoon, he was able to tie for 1st in his platoon with two other cadets, and to rank in the top 5% of his regiment. He is currently at CTLT in a Military Intelligence unit.

Given these extraordinary scores, our commander, Alixandra Powers, clearly had her work cut out for her as a cadet in the final LDAC regiment of the summer. Being loath to return with a substandard score which would no doubt result in perpetual ridicule, she made sure to earn her overall “E” while ranking 1st in her platoon and a staggering 3rd in her entire regiment of 542 cadets. Now at CTLT in an Aviation unit, she is guiding the company’s preparations for the start of the school year and the next Candidate Term.

After their LDAC graduations, each of these three exemplary members independently remarked on how well B-12 Pershing Rifles training prepared them to thrive at LDAC, particularly in situations where many of their cadet peers struggled. Their success validates B-12’s selection and training philosophy, which is to offer a great challenge to interested incoming cadets, and then to provide an intensive and comprehensive training opportunity to those cadets who prove motivated enough to meet and overcome that challenge. Those who do so are inevitably cadets who welcome, and are able to process, that subsequent high level of training, and it’s incredible to see all that extra effort come to fruition when they return triumphant from the metaphorical battlefield.

Congratulations Lin, Wojtasinski, and Powers!