Indoor Climbing at Rock Spot

Indoor Climbing

Indoor climbing is pretty awesome!

At first we thought that it would be kind of boring, or seem fake…but there are actually quite a few benefits to it.

The most important difference seems to be that you can get a lot of climbs in because you don’t have to waste any time moving the rigging and the ropes each time. The result of this is that you can accomplish a great hand workout very quickly, and, since hand weakness is the primary limiting factor of most new climbers, you can really improve your ability quickly.

It was also nice to have the rating of each climb noted on the wall itself, instead of having to look through a guidebook and hope that you are reading the drawing correctly.

On the other hand, climbing at an indoor gym doesn’t provide the opportunity to practice rigging, which is an important and challenging part of rock climbing, so we will definitely continue to visit the Quarries to practice that stuff.