We are proud to welcome Alec Goncalves and Aubrey Kief as the newest B-12 members. Both have proven themselves during Candidate Term and are ready to take on the responsibility of performing as B-12 cadre and training the next group of candidates.

Although Kief and Goncalves have completed Candidate Term, their training has really just begun. Both will participate in B-12 Member Training over the summer, which is a set of didactic and practical modules taught mostly by B-12 alumni and other assets during the time the senior B-12 members are away at LDAC, CTLT, and other military schools.

Member training is designed to take successful new members, who have already demonstrated their resolve through Candidate Term, and turn them into operationally proficient B-12 cadre members. Due to the company’s small size and the ambitious nature of its training operations, each operational member must be completely capable and reliable, so Member Training is serious, intensive, and thorough. Ultimately, the program produces B-12 members who are capable of performing each task and role they might be assigned during a B-12 operation, and who are significantly more prepared to successfully handle leadership positions in B-12, ROTC, and the military.