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B-12 Pershing Rifles at Boston University is not for everyone – but it could be. Our organization is predicated on the belief that everyone has the capability to accomplish whatever they desire, as long as they are willing to sacrifice for it.



During the transition of our company headquarters from Bravo Company (previously attached to ROTC’s Charles River Battalion) to Alpha Company (now reestablished and attached to ROTC’s Liberty Battalion), this website will continue to serve as a medium for information distribution for the Fall 2017 semester.

The material depicted throughout the site is an up-to-date look for cadets from both ROTC battalions into our organization and what we do. Although we are now A-12, the traditions of B-12 will continue under the new company designation. Stay tuned here for information on initiatives and events that will be taking place throughout the first semester.

We will be accepting cadets from both ROTC battalions for our Spring 2018 Candidate Term. If you are interested in more information and/or in participating in some of our Fall 2017 activities, please fill out the form on the Joining page (no obligation).



Due to the lack of remaining members at Boston University, our B-12 company headquarters has transitioned to A-12, now reestablished, after a long hiatus, at Northeastern University.

This website will remain active as a legacy website for B-12 and as an active site for information on A-12 activities.


On November 20th we held the second recent iteration of our land navigation event for the Liberty and Charles River Army ROTC Battalions. Thanks to everyone who attended and helped make this work.

Summer 2016 Activities


We’ve had a lot of fun and done a lot of work over the summer, preparing for the upcoming year and the next Candidate Term. Some pictures are below.

Congratulations to P/R SFC Bruno-Metzger!


We’re happy to report that our Drill Sergeant, Joe Bruno-Metzger, graduated on May 16, 2016 from the Army’s Air Assault School as a member of Class 25-16.

After completing ten days of sling loads, ruck marches, layout inspections, obstacle courses, rappelling, fast roping, and exams, he was awarded his Air Assault Badge, thereby following in the footsteps of many past B-12 members who have had the opportunity to attend Air Assault, Airborne, Northern Warfare, or one of the other Army schools during their time as ROTC cadets.

As our Training NCO, he will return to the company this Fall with a great deal of new knowledge and skills to incorporate into the various training sessions and operations we have planned for the Fall, as well as into the upcoming Spring 2017 Candidate Term.