Running the L/E Course for MIT’s C-12


As Alix Powers has learned, sometimes being a B-12 member means you get thrown into the fire.

This Spring semester, the C-12 (MIT) Pershing Rifles company wanted to send their candidates through B-12’s Land Navigation & Endurance Course, having heard about it during our cooperative training events.

Knowing that participating in the undertaking would be good experience for our new members from the 120th, we readily agreed to run the course for them. Plus, C-12 is our closest sister company geographically and they were very helpful to us during the 120th’s Candidate Term when we were only half of our current size.

Powers was chosen to act as the OIC, with oversight from Wojo. Despite having only been a B-12 member for a few months, and despite having never attended the course as a member, she was able to draw upon the experience of current B-12 members and alumni to plan and run the operation to its successful execution.