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Candidate Term

In order to become Pershing Riflemen at Boston University, each candidate must complete Candidate Term, which lasts roughly two months. During this time candidates will be trained and evaluated on... Read More »

Land Navigation & Endurance Course

The ability to know where you are and to get to where you need to be is elemental to any undertaking, civilian or military. In order to ensure this capability in B-12 members, the company runs an event during each Candidate Term called the Land Navigation & Endurance Course... Read More »


The culmination of all the training and experience received in Candidate Term is a weekend-long Field Training Exercise called Operation STEADFAST LIGHTNING... Read More »


B-12′s training philosophy is to reinforce ROTC-taught skills, to teach some new skills, and then to provide an operational environment within which to integrate and apply these skills. To achieve this, B-12 has developed some unconventional training modules, specifically designed to pick up where ROTC leaves off... Read More »

Rope Work

Future military officers know that they may someday need to use ropes and rigging systems in order to safely and efficiently move personnel, equipment, or casualties on the battlefield... Read More »

Alumni Testimonials

Joining an organization like B-12 is not a task to be undertaken lightly. Simply put, Candidate Term is hard. It is also extremely rewarding... Read More »


As serious as we are about what we do, we still like to have fun... Read More »

Medical Training

Unfortunately, medical emergencies are a part of life, particularly in the military... Read More »

Operational Planning & Leadership

Part of the benefit of being a B-12 Pershing Rifles member is the opportunity to experience working on the company’s staff, and then to plan and lead operations... Read More »


Spring 2018 Candidate Term

Although we are now headquartered at Northeastern, we are planning to hold a combined Candidate Term with Boston University in the Spring 2018 semester in order to both continue our tradition at NEU and rejuvenate it at BU.

If you are at either school and are interested in learning more about Pershing Rifles, please fill out the form on the Joining page. This will ensure that you are notified of important upcoming details, such as the date of the informational meeting which we will be holding at BU in January.

Candidate Term is a serious challenge, but an extremely rewarding one, as is subsequent membership in a company of cadets dedicated to excellence. It can only be understood through experience, but at the info meeting we will give you an idea of what to expect and how to prepare.

We hope to hear from you.


B-12 Pershing Rifles at Boston University is not for everyone – but it could be. Our organization is predicated on the belief that everyone has the capability to accomplish whatever they desire, as long as they are willing to sacrifice for it.



During the transition of our company headquarters from Bravo Company (previously attached to ROTC’s Charles River Battalion) to Alpha Company (now reestablished and attached to ROTC’s Liberty Battalion), this website will continue to serve as a medium for information distribution for the Fall 2017 semester.

The material depicted throughout the site is an up-to-date look for cadets from both ROTC battalions into our organization and what we do. Although we are now A-12, the traditions of B-12 will continue under the new company designation. Stay tuned here for information on initiatives and events that will be taking place throughout the first semester.

We will be accepting cadets from both ROTC battalions for our Spring 2018 Candidate Term. If you are interested in more information and/or in participating in some of our Fall 2017 activities, please fill out the form on the Joining page (no obligation).



Due to the lack of remaining members at Boston University, our B-12 company headquarters has transitioned to A-12, now reestablished, after a long hiatus, at Northeastern University.

This website will remain active as a legacy website for B-12 and as an active site for information on A-12 activities.


On November 20th we held the second recent iteration of our land navigation event for the Liberty and Charles River Army ROTC Battalions. Thanks to everyone who attended and helped make this work.

Summer 2016 Activities


We’ve had a lot of fun and done a lot of work over the summer, preparing for the upcoming year and the next Candidate Term. Some pictures are below.